3 Essential Vinyl DJ Music Tips

Vinyl is a dying format but that doesn’t mean that you can’t find it in store, shops or within communities online and offline. Crate digging is a loved pastime for vinyl DJs but it can prove to be difficult to find the right deal on vinyl since it’s not regularly available anymore. This article will share three tips you need to know before you buy vinyl music.

Check the condition of the jacket and extras

First off, check all of the ascetics of the vinyl record such as the vinyl jacket and inserts. You may not want to pay high dollar for a record which is in severe damage on the outside because it often means it wasn’t taken care of during its lifetime.

Check the condition of the vinyl record

The most important thing you should be looking at when buying vinyl records is the overall condition of the vinyl record. If possible, try to give the record a play prior to the purchase to ensure it doesn’t skip. If you don’t have access to a record player than take a deep look into the surface of both sides of the vinyl for scratches or cuts.

Always haggle for a price

A lot of vinyl owners will base their prices on books or what they find online but let’s face it: everyone can be haggled. Never settle for a single price because there aren’t a ton of vinyl record buyers; use this to your advantage to find the best deals.


This article took you through three of the most crucial things you need to know about buying vinyl records as a DJ. Crate digging can become a hobby for you but you should also avoid being burned on your money – it’s yours after all. Use the tips within this article to find the best prices and then get out on the floor so you can drop these killer new tracks!