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Buy Your Ed Sheeran Tickets Today And Guarantee Your Spot On The Tour

Ed Sheeran’s been a busy man this year. He’s already been on tour for the full year, and he’s still going strong and plans to go all throughout the summer. If you’d like to see one of his life shows, it’s a good idea to get your tickets well ahead of time. He is one of this year’s most popular acts, and the good seats rarely stay around for long.

Look Below To Find An Ed Sheeran Tour Date In Your City

We take pride in constantly staying current with Ed Sheeran’s tour schedule. If you scroll down a little bit, you can find all of the shows that the world currently knows are going to take place. Act quickly to make sure that you’ll be able to see the show of your choice.

Find Out What’s Happening On Ed’s X Tour

Ed Sheeran has been going all over the world, and fans everywhere are dying to see him play live. He sells out shows like no other artist currently on the road. Perhaps only Taylor Swift can match the drawing power that Ed has. Sometimes the demand for his performances is so high that he has to return to places where he’s already played shows this year.

This has already happened in 2015. He has to go back to Australia, which he already visited at the beginning of the year, because his concerts are in great demand. His additional Australian shows are already completely sold out.

Some Of The Quickest Sellouts On The Planet

When a date is announced in a new city, the tickets are gone within minutes most of the time. People are staying up overnight, standing in line, and they are furiously clicking on ticket websites online in order to get seats to this rising star. Most people who want to see the show now are going to have to look around on reseller websites in order to get a ticket.

A Solo Star Playing Stadiums As A Headliner

Each concert put on by Ed has thousands of fans without fail. There aren’t many recording artists these days who are able to headline stadiums without any opening acts or co-headliners, by Ed is able to do it on his own. It wasn’t that long ago that you open shows for Taylor Swift. It just took him a couple years and now not only is he headlining his own tour, he’s playing some of the biggest venues on earth. Playing as an opener for Taylor was an excellent move for his career as a gained him in enormous amount of popularity.

X Is His Latest Album And It’s Fantastic

He has recently put out a new CD that he has dubbed X, but it’s pronounced multiply. He already has several albums out to his recording studio, as well as some earlier albums that he put out on his own. If you attend his show, you’re sure to see songs spanning his entire career. You can hear his top singles, as well as some of his lesser-known material from when he was in such a household name.

Current Whereabouts And The Future Shows

Ed is going to be going all over the place. He still has shows scheduled on at least three continents. He’s got quite a few shows scheduled for Canada currently, and that’s where he is playing right now. He’s going to be heading down to America shortly once we finishes up the Canadian leg of his tour. After he plays his shows in America, he’s going to head over to England to play his biggest show in the history of his career. This monster show will be played at Wembley Stadium, and it’s the largest arena that he’s ever played.

Be Sure To Get Tickets Soon

Ed is one of the biggest concert draws on earth at the moment, and if you wait too long before purchasing some tickets to a show in your area it might be too late. Almost every one of his shows sells out, so do the smart thing and get your hands on some seats before it’s too late.

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